Most Frequently Asked Questions About Electrical Wiring During Home Renovations

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If you’re renovating your home, it’s best that you have all your concerns addressed before the project is completed. However, when it comes to addressing the electrical workings of a house, homeowners have concerns but don’t know whom to turn to for reliable information.

At Hoover Electric, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver quality electrical services as well as educate our clients about the nuances of electricity. To help you make more informed decisions, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about addressing electrical wiring during a home renovation.

1. Do I have to upgrade my electrical wiring?

You don’t have to upgrade your electrical when doing a home renovation, but it is a good idea to have a look at it as older wiring is often not done well and does not always provide the power that is now needed.

2. Does my electrical service/panel need to be changed?

Depending on what your current service is (60 amp, 100 amp, etc.) you may want to upgrade to a larger service such as a 200 amp. if you are planning on adding a larger load like a garage, hot tub, electric heat, etc.

3. My panel is full, can I add another panel?

In some situations, the simplest solution is to add a sub panel, but there is not always room, and the other option is to upgrade to a larger panel that can accommodate more circuits.

4. My house has aluminum wiring, should I tear it all out?

While Aluminum wiring can cause issues if not installed correctly if done right it is perfectly fine. If you have aluminum wiring and are concerned, we suggest calling an electrical contractor to come to take a look and make sure the connections were done right.

If you have any more questions about electrical wiring during a home renovation, get in touch with the experts at Hoover Electric. As the best residential and commercial electricians in Dryden, ON, we provide commercial and residential electrical heating, lighting, electrical renovations and other electrical services across Ignace, Sioux Lookout, Perrault Falls, Ear Falls, Dryden.

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