Employee Spotlight: Tanner Henderson

Hoover Electric |


Meet Tanner Henderson, the electrical apprentice at Hoover Electric. Tanner started working for us in 2019 when he did Co-op through Dryden High School. He fit in so well with our group that we hired him for a summer position, and then when he finished high school, we signed him up as an apprentice in July of 2020.

While it’s tough to put into words Tanner’s importance, the reason we’re featuring him on our blog this month is to showcase our appreciation for his efforts. Tanner has quite the reputation amongst employees who know him. He is extremely hardworking, quick to grasp new concepts, and always has a great attitude.

He is very much dedicated to the job that he does without any hesitation or complaint, no matter how dirty or cold it is.

It’s clear that Tanner has genuine care and commitment for Hoover Electric, and we absolutely love the integrity with which he works.

When we asked him about why he loves working with us, he grinned and said: “The Hoovers have been great to work with over the past few years as they have been patient with me while allowing me to advance in my trade. It’s easy to come to work when you’ve got a group that not only can make work fun but also treats you like family. Thank you, Hoover Electric.”

He isn’t wrong!

At Hoover Electric, we pride ourselves in providing quality electrical services for residential and commercial applications all over Ignace, Sioux Lookout, Perrault Falls, Ear Falls, Dryden.

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