LED Fixtures Vs. LED Bulbs and Tubes

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If you’re looking for electrical options that save you money and protect the environment, switching to LED lighting is the way to go. LED options consume less energy and provide brighter lighting. They do not overheat or burn out and are available in different sizes to suit a wide range of applications.

However, when choosing LED lights, people are often confused about the choice between LED fixtures and LED bulbs and tubes. Both of these options have similar benefits, but they are also unique in a way as they have their own features. To help you choose between the two, the electrical experts at Hoover Electric have compared LED fixtures vs. LED bulbs and tubes.

A. LED fixtures
LED fixtures generally come with a five-year warranty or more, which means that these products are designed to last a very long time. Even if they develop any specific issues, the manufacturer will repair or replace the fixture within the warranty period. Another great advantage of these products is that there is no bulb to change, so there is no maintenance needed. They also consume a low amount of energy and are fully dimmable, which equals low electricity bills.

The only downside to LED fixtures is that once the light stops working, you have to change the whole fixture. This can be costly and somewhat inconvenient but, as these products last long, these challenges are very manageable.

B. LED bulbs and tubes
With LED bulbs and tubes, you get to choose different styles and wattages of bulbs, and you can use them in your existing light fixture, so it saves you money. As the fixture will last a very long time, you can continue to change the bulb to whatever you want, whenever you want. Additionally, you save a great deal of money on your electricity bill as LED bulbs and tubes consume low amounts of energy.

That said, maintenance is still needed as LED bulbs don’t have the lifespan of LED light fixtures. You must also be very careful when purchasing LED bulbs to make sure they suit your application. If you want to dim them, you have to look for dimmable bulbs. If you have an enclosed fixture, you have to make sure the bulb is suitable for fully enclosed fixtures, or else they will overheat, which will reduce their life quicker or possibly even cause a fire.

Which LED option should you choose?
LED light fixtures are suitable for everyone but specifically large buildings with lots of lights because the maintenance bill with these lights will be much lower. Similarly, they make life easier for older generations who can’t climb up a ladder to change bulbs anymore. On the other hand, LED bulbs are good for people who already have a light fixture and just want to save some money on consumption and like to have the flexibility to change the type of light they get.

As a whole, LED products are the way to go these days. They provide better light than their counterparts, use way less energy, and need next to no maintenance. As for which route you go when it comes to LED fixtures and bulbs, the choice depends on your needs. But honestly, with LED options, there is no wrong decision.

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