How To Reset A Circuit Breaker

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People often think circuit breakers are just a flip of the switch and something you need not be concerned with. However, when a breaker trips (or shuts off), it’s usually because too many things were running on one circuit simultaneously, and it became overloaded. However, if the breaker trips for no apparent reason, there may be a short circuit, which is a much bigger problem. The latter is usually best left to an electrician to figure out.

To help you with circuit breaker issues, the experts at Hoover Electric have put together a few essential steps that you should follow. These steps include tips to help you figure out what’s wrong and how best to go about fixing it.

1. Determine which breaker has the issue
The first step to resetting a breaker is to determine which breaker has the issue. You can do this by looking at your panel legend to see if you can find the breaker that describes the area without power. You can also visually inspect the breakers, looking for a breaker that is not entirely in position. Sometimes breakers will have tripped internally but will still look like they are in place.

2. Try resetting the breaker
Once you have found the breaker that has tripped, the next step is to reset it. To do this, you must push the breaker into the off position and then bring it back to the full-on position. You might hear a few beeps from smoke detectors and appliances when you turn the power back on, but that’s normal. In most cases, you are good to go.

3. Ensure the breaker stays in position
If you have reset the breaker and it has stayed in the on position, go check to make sure that all of the affected lights and receptacles are functioning correctly. This said, if the breaker trips when you try to reset it, or you find something not working once you reset the breaker, then there is a potential hazard, and you should contact a licensed electrical contractor to correct the issue.

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