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If you’re looking for a smooth transition from your regular power connection to an external power source like a generator, consider getting a power switching device. They are incredibly beneficial during power outages as they help you transition to your portable generator smoothly without much fuss or hassle.

Generlink back up power system is one such power switching device that plugs into your meterbase. When in place, it automatically switches to an external power source (generator) when the utility source (hydro-1) goes out. It can help you keep an important appliance like a fridge along with a few lights for as long as the outage lasts.

This device is good for homeowners or business owners who would like to have backup power when the utility source is down. It gives peace of mind during cold winter months and removes the inconvenience of power outages throughout the year.

Another benefit of the Generlink backup power system is that it is very easy to install. All it takes is a free disconnect from hydro and an hour from your local licensed electrician to have the Generlink installed and ready to use.

The cost of this product usually depends on the one you choose. There are options in amperage from twenty amp to fifty amp and you can get one that is surge protected or non-surge protected. You even have the option of getting them with cords of lengths that range from twenty feet to a hundred feet.

If you’d like to learn more about the Generlink backup power system, our experts at Hoover Electric will be happy to educate you about it. We have a few different models in stock and can order in ones that we don’t have. But for these out-of-stock products, the wait time is usually long due to increased demand, and currently, COVID-19 restrictions are also playing a part in the delay.

Besides this product, you also have the option of generator panels and automatic transfer switches. They are another route to go with when thinking about backup power sources, but the cost of these options tends to be a bit higher.

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