The Ultimate Electrical Inspection Checklist To Make Your Home Winter Ready

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At Hoover Electric, we understand that getting your electrical system inspected before the onset of winter months can be quite a challenge. Checking your electrical equipment and appliances can be viewed as a stressful or difficult task, but with a little preparation, you can handle this quickly and easily.

As residential and commercial electricians in Dryden, ON, we’ve created a handy checklist to help you examine your electrical system thoroughly, but with as little stress as possible. Follow our electrical inspection checklist to make your home winter ready, so that you can get back to the other important things in life and make the most of the cozy weather.

1. Outside lights
Examine your outside lights to make sure they are functioning correctly. Exterior lighting often goes unnoticed during the summer months when the sun is up longer. During winter months, it’s dark when you get home, and all of a sudden, you notice that your lights aren’t working. To avoid this situation from happening, get it your outside lights checked before the onset of winter.

2. Exterior receptacles
Check the exterior receptacles, that you plug your cars block heater into, to make sure that they are in working condition. If you don’t do that before it gets cold, your car won’t start if the receptacles have malfunctioned.

3. Sewage and water pumps
Have a look at your sewage and water pumps and ensure that their wiring is in good condition. If case the wiring is loose or the pumps are not working efficiently, get the problems solved. These issues shouldn’t be a hassle in the winter months when they are much more difficult and costly to fix.

4. Furnace
You’ll need your furnace to work optimally throughout the winter. Get it checked before winter gets here to make sure it is going to function efficiently. 

If you have any concerns about getting your electrical system check or you’re looking for residential and commercial electricians to help you with the process, reach out to the experts at Hoover Electric. We specialize in residential and commercial applications and can fulfill your electrical needs, including installation, upgrades, repairs, and maintenance. Our main aim is to deliver quality workmanship to our clients and ensure that they are satisfied with our work. Our professionalism and reliability make us one of the best electrical contractors in town. 

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