Why DIY Kitchen Renovation Wiring Is A Bad Idea

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While it may be tempting to follow the DIY trend after watching a few videos on Youtube or Facebook, following suit isn’t the wisest decision. Though the DIYers online may appear to have enough skill to restore their electrical systems or install new ones, it may be hard for you to judge if their efforts were safe and reliable. Additionally, they don’t always tell you about the research that went into the task. There’s also the possibility that the electrical codes they follow are different from those in your locality.

If you’re still considering the DIY approach to upgrade your kitchen wiring, you may want to consider the outcomes of proceeding with this method as a novice to electrical work. To give you an idea of what could go wrong, the experts at Hoover Electric have explained why DIY kitchen renovation wiring is a bad idea.

1. You could instigate shocks or fires

Any electrical wiring, if done incorrectly, can cause shocks and possibly even fire hazards. The kitchen specifically needs a lot of power for all of the modern appliances you depend on today. This makes it essential to have proper knowledge of circuitry when installing new power outlets or laying new wires throughout the kitchen area.

2. You may underestimate the extent of work required

Kitchen renovations can be quite simple when you only need to install a couple of new plugs. But, with multiple lighting options (recessed ceiling light, under counter lights, cabinet lighting), rewiring your kitchen can be quite extensive. The extent of the renovation will determine the impact on your budget, but if you’re doing a kitchen renovation, you should be aware that some electrical upgrades and extensions will be necessary.

3. You may need to redo the work

All electrical work needs to be inspected by the electrical safety authority no matter who does the job. If you own and live in the house, you can do the wiring yourself, but you MUST take out a permit and have your work inspected. If it is not up to the mark, you’ll need to redo it or call a professional to do the required work as per the Provincial code. Redoing the job will only cost you more time and money

4. You may have to spend even more

If you have limited knowledge of the ideal materials needed for your kitchen rewiring, you could end up running the wrong wire size or running the wire to the wrong location. This may require you to tear off drywall, which will add to your expenses. Similarly, terminating a wire incorrectly can cause arcing and fire hazards, or there may be weak connections that prevent your appliances from working.

Do things right - Hire a professional!

If you want to take on the task of wiring your kitchen yourself, make sure you have a good grasp of how electrical systems, tools, and materials work. Do some thorough research on the electrical codes in your area as well, as they change regularly. If you do your wiring doesn’t meet the standards of the Province, the electrical inspector will make you redo your wiring until you get it right.

When you hire a professional, licensed electrician, you do not need to prepare rigorously or suffer in this way. At the same time, the job will be done on the first go. Additionally, they will point out ideas that you never thought of, such as lighting layouts and receptacle locations. They will even get the job done quickly so that your project isn’t held up.

Just make sure when you hire an electrician to install your wiring, you choose a professional licensed in electrical work and not a jack of all trades. Their licensing should indicate that they are capable of handling residential electrical work. If it doesn’t, keep looking for a contractor with the relevant permit.

A licensed residential electrician will charge you approximately $90 per hour. The total cost of your kitchen wiring will depend upon the extent of your renovation. If a contractor offers you a much lower price than $90 per hour, be sure to check why that is the case, as it could mean that they are not aware of what they are doing or they may not have the relevant registration.

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