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This winter, Canada has recorded its lowest temperature in years due to the heavy snowfall. With snowstorms, freezing rain, and high winds, powerline and equipment damage is quite common. However, as the snowfall isn’t letting up, it can be challenging to make repairs so people can receive uninterrupted electricity to heat their homes and brave the winter season.

If you’ve been facing issues with your electricity due to the relentless snowfall, getting a generator backup could be the solution you require. At Hoover Electric, we offer power backup solutions so you and your family can stay comfortably warm indoors during power outages. It also ensures that you can use plumbing electricals and power your fridge and freezer when there is an interruption in your electricity supply.

A generator backup can be used by business owners as well. In the event of power cuts, with a generator, you can continue to do business and earn revenue without much interruption. A generator backup can power heating for offices, internet connections, computers, and servers. That way, you can keep providing your clients excellent services even when the power fails.

When it comes to the cost of generator backup solutions, we usually charge based on the amount of backup power you need. Our experts can supply and install whatever backup generator system is needed. All you have to do is give us a call at (807) 223-4434. We will come to assess your requirements and accordingly inform you about what you will need.

As leading residential and commercial electricians in Aryden, ON, our team at Hoover Electric is highly efficient. When we take on a job, no matter how big or small, we pay attention to the details and execute your requests according to your needs. That way, you are satisfied with our services from start to finish.

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